Bryant King

Vision Idea for HomelessEcoVille


Many complications happen when there is no strong foundation of what our community is, what it stands for and what its values are. Some of it may change over time but preferably not. As we have a general idea of what we were but over time, it gets clearer. Now, we’ll become more aware than ever and doubt that it will change in the near future. What we need to know is:

Our Vision: Why are you building this community? And what would we like to see happen in the far future. This doesn’t need to be very clear, just an idea of why we’ve taken on our mission.

Our Mission: This is what we’re doing. Are we building a community? Are we working on our land in a specific way? Are we doing some type of research as a community? It doesn’t need to be detailed again but it needs to be clear.

Our Aims: This is how we are doing our mission. It involves materials things that we are creating, products or services that we are providing. It is strategically planned to make our mission and community thrive.

Our Values: This is what we stand for and what we know as a group that everyone in the community resonates with.

When we have that all cleared up, it’s easy to know if someone fits in with the group or not. If someone doesn’t agree with some of these points… they might not be the right fit for our community. It’s MUCH easier to set all of this up at the very beginning when we are a small group. The bigger the group, the more difficult it will become for us to find cohesion together. And it may lead to some people leaving or the community to split into smaller groups.



#HomelessEcoVille involves applying skills talents & knowledge and esrablishes Management tool teniques to ‪#‎HomelessEcoville‬ Project (‘s) to fulfill the requirements of the Vision plan to end homelessness to the communities satisfaction. Critical success are the things that absolutely MUST be completed correctly in order to consider #HomelessEcoVille a SUCCESS