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Documenting The Humane Heart

Beth Davalos, a social worker featured on 60 minutes, Arielle Metzger, a 16 year old featured on several TV shows and several homeless citizens take Famor, Director on a journey that changes his life and introduces the the viewer to the Homeless of the Magic Kingdom®.

video link: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi198880537/


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… important updated information..

… please read a message from one of the movies makers, Richard Peete:

“For those of you watching this film there are some things you need to know. We created this film 5 years ago when the city of Orlando was putting people in jail for feeding the homeless. You will see footage of it in the film.

Also the documented numbers you hear in the film are from five years ago. Each year since then those numbers have increased from 8-10% each year. An example is the 49,000,000 Americans are currently living at or below the poverty level. The govt basis the poverty level for an average family of four whose income is less than $22,500 a year. And 18,000,000 of them are children. And 2.6 million of those children live on the streets. Based on that standard of poverty and govt projections of unemployment this year it is estimated that the poverty rate for children now stands at 25%, those kids are the largest American generation to be raided in poverty since the Great Depression.

As bad as those numbers are, there’s another segment of the homeless population that doesn’t get help. The single men and women. If you are homeless with children you can get help. But the single male and female are on their own.

The purpose of the film is to educate the public about who the homeless really are. It’s my hope that through this film people will have a change of heart and get involved. Because if things aren’t done differently, most of those people living on the streets are going to die on the streets.

Last year in Orlando Florida 104 people needlessly died on those streets.

If anyone wants more info on how you can get involved,

my email is richardwilliampeete@gmail.com

Let’s all consider how blessed we are to have what we have. And so many don’t.”

Richard Peete

Support Richard Peete and Tracy Potts
Ministry to the Homeless


.. and please visit and support Celebrate Outreach! housing for all who are making a movie to house the homeless.


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