Aquaponics and EcoVille Food Production


Food production is one of the things that makes HomelessEcoVille unique.  One option for an EcoVillage is the use of aquaponics.  Hydroponics is a system of food production that uses little, if any, dirt in the growing of plants.  The seeds are planted in a variety of different mediums such as gravel or rockwool insulation.  The nutrients are dissolved into the water and then pumped into the plant reservoir.

In an aquaponics system, the nutrients are pumped from the waste water of an aquarium reducing the cost of nutrients for the production of plants, as well as providing edible fish.

Here is a nice little video to explain an aquaponics system.

For a minimal investment, we can provide an aquaponics system for our EcoVille that will provide food for the residents, as well as the potential for food to sell.

Would you consider making a small donation to help make this a reality?



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