Homeless Protesters arrested in Sacramento

“Police move in on homeless protesters outside City Hall” In Sacramento, CA, the police started arresting homeless protesters at city hall.  This story was posted by KCRA on Saturday morning. As of Saturday night, two people were arrested for protesting the city’s anti-camping ordinance, which many say makes it #illegal2bHomeless in Sacramento. It’s time to… Read more Homeless Protesters arrested in Sacramento

Aquaponics and EcoVille Food Production

Food production is one of the things that makes HomelessEcoVille unique.  One option for an EcoVillage is the use of aquaponics.  Hydroponics is a system of food production that uses little, if any, dirt in the growing of plants.  The seeds are planted in a variety of different mediums such as gravel or rockwool insulation. … Read more Aquaponics and EcoVille Food Production

Y2Y – Youth Providing Homeless Youth, Temporary Housing

NPR public radio, aired a story on Wednesday about a shelter for young adults only.  The story says that the spent $1,300,000 on renovations to the space which provides temporary housing for 22 youth for up to 30 days at a time. While i applaud this wonderful work, i can’t help but wonder what could… Read more Y2Y – Youth Providing Homeless Youth, Temporary Housing

Illegal to be Homeless in Florida

In Pensacola, FL, it is illegal to use a blanket to cover yourself from the elements.  Instead of throwing people in jail, and spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to keep them there, why not invest in Homeless EcoVillages? Florida Ordinance Makes It Illegal For Homeless To Use Blankets Let’s join together and establish EcoVillages… Read more Illegal to be Homeless in Florida

Awesome Salad Vertical Gardens

When designing an EcoVillage, fence space can be utilized for vertical gardens which can provide food for the formerly homeless residents, as well as produce to sell at the Homeless EcoVille Farmers Market® Here is a good article on vertical salad gardens. There is something satisfying about growing and eating your own food. These vertical… Read more Awesome Salad Vertical Gardens

Wind Turbine Power Calculator

This is a simple calculator for anyone considering using wind power in their EcoVillage design.  Wind turbine designs have come a long way in producing efficient and aesthetically pleasing electric generators. Compliments of Energy Efficient Choices By providing for all the needs of needs of an EcoVillage by utilizing green energy sources, the monthly utility… Read more Wind Turbine Power Calculator