Where did homelessness get such a bad name?

Being homeless is a condition that few want to experience.  The living conditions can be quite horrendous, even in the finest of shelters.  This point of stress has only increased over the last forty years, as more and more people judge the homeless as a blight on society.

The truth is, how we treat our homeless is a direct sign of how sick our society is.

Here is a nice video that looks at the history of homelessness in America, and where the idea that the homeless are bad comes from.

We can build a better society that takes care of each other instead of trying to tear each other down.

If we can just share our extra with people who have little or nothing, they can easily move to a position of taking care of themselves.  The benefits should be obvious.

So help us by giving a ‘hand up – not a hand out’ to your fellow Americans.  Maybe someday you will need them to help you.


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