6 thoughts on ““Your Prayers Aren’t Helping Me” – Bryant King

  1. I disagree. There are people like that yes but if you are TRULY a follower of Christ you pray AND you give. Not just to the church but to those in need we donate and do missions including putting together around 400 lunches to distribute every Saturday to people who are homeless or live in run down hotels and nearly homeless
    If I see someone in need I will help them if I can. It’s our responsibility to take care of fellow man by not only praying but by giving time and sharing what God has blessed us with.

    1. Hi
      First of all, I do not and like many others, follow your believes. So, does it make me a hippocrate to need food and ask not to be forced to believe the way you do? I am


      for the help but this is a country of freedom of religion. Why then must I believe the way you do just to get some food? Food is a need, religion is not needed to survive. Is that such a difficult concept to those that force their way onto others? I have never had a Buddhist, Satenest, pagan or a Wicca, tell me I am garbage if I do not follow the same path as them. Have you? Yet, I hear exactly that from EVERY christian that wants to convert me when they hold the one thing I AM in need of, hostage. Blessed be to your ways friend but I am not interested.

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